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how to make panjiri ladoo

How To Make Panjiri Ladoo | Panjiri Ladoo Recipe In English

Panjiri / Panjiri Ladoo recipe is an authentic sweet. It is a traditional Indian sweet which is especially eaten in winter. Panjiri recipe is easy to make in winter. This is one of the delicious Indian dishes.

panjeeri laddu

About Panjiri Laddu Recipe:

 A sweet delight to prepare at home, Panjiri Laddu is a simple recipe made from semolina and wheat and the use of makhana and dry fruits like almonds and cashews makes it full of goodness. These are mostly made in the winter season

Ingredients of Panjiri Ladoo:

Wheat Flour 500 gram

Semolina- 60-75 gram

Phul Makhane- 10 gram

Dry Coconut- 1 bowl

Cashew nuts- 25 gram

Almonds- 40-45 gm

Melon seeds- 1 tbs

Sugar Powder- 140gm

Edible gum (gond) 15gm

Clarified Butter (Desi Ghee) 500 gm

How to Make Panjiri Ladoo:

First of all take a pan or kadhai. – Add some desi ghee (about 120 grams) and fry the flower makhana in it. Keep frying them until they turn golden brown. – After this take them out in a plate

– Now add edible gum or gum in that ghee and fry it on low flame only, otherwise it will not cook properly on high flame.

– After frying, take them out in a plate. Similarly, roast melon seeds and keep them in a plate.
After this, fry the semolina in that ghee. – Fry it on medium flame only, otherwise it will burn on high flame. Keep frying it until it turns golden brown.

After roasting semolina, we will now roast wheat flour. For this, take ghee (about 380 grams) in a pan or kadhai. Keep frying it on medium flame till it turns brown. If you want, you can add more ghee to it. To get the positive effects of this heavy panjiri, do regular exercise in your daily routine. So that your body will be able to digest it.

Keep cooking the wheat flour, do not let it stick to the surface of the pan. This will start smelling good in your kitchen and the ghee will separate and a layer of ghee will appear on top, at that time the wheat flour will be roasted properly. Now take it out in a bowl.

Mix semolina and wheat flour well. Now we will keep it for half an hour to cool down its temperature. We did not keep it in the pan to cool because its heat burns the wheat flour.

Grind flower makhana and gum in a mixer, you can also grind dry fruits along with them.

After half an hour, when our flour and semolina mixture cools down, add dry fruits, coconut, ground flowers, makhana and edible gum to it. Mix it well.

Now lastly we will add sugar powder in it and mix it with the whole Panjiri ingredients. You can vary the amount of sugar and dry fruits as per your taste. And if you want, you can use powdered sugar.

Now if you want to make Panjiri laddu then just take a little amount of ingredients in your hand. Mix it together and make pills.

Benefits of Panjiri Laddu:

Stimulates the flow of breast milk.

Helps restore the shape of the uterus by removing excess fluid.

Increases immunity and helps keep cold away in winter.

It keeps the mother’s body warm and cures back pain.

Nutrients help fight postpartum depression.

Energy remains in the body.

Problems related to digestion go away.

helpful in losing weight.

beneficial for bones.

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