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free recharge jio | free recharge |free recharge airtel

free recharge jio

free recharge jio | free recharge | free recharge airtel

free recharge jio

free recharge jio :-  Today we will tell you about such offers through which you can make your recharge not cheap but free. This offer will be applicable on all companies because this offer is not coming from any specific company. This offer is coming from a recharge app. With which you can free your recharge. You cannot make this offer directly, you will have to use a trick to avail this offer. We will talk about this trick further and we will tell you what you have to do and how to do that trick.With this trick, if one recharge costs you money then your second recharge will be free.

free recharge jio and other network

Now Jio and all the companies have increased all their recharges and all these plans have become expensive, due to this you will find that the difference will be directly on your pocket. Because you had seen that just a few days ago all the companies had increased their recharge amount and now they have increased the amount.

For jio free recharge, we will talk about a trick by which you can get one of your recharges free, for this you will have to pay for one recharge and with that the second recharge will become free. Let us then talk about that trick.

How to do jio free recharge with trick

heading free recharge | free recharge jio |free recharge airtel

For Jio free recharge, you have to first download Bajaj Finserv app, for this you open Play Store in your phone and then search Bajaj Finserv in the search box and as soon as you see the first app, download it. It may take some time to download as it completely depends on your internet speed.

In this app you can also take loan and do any kind of recharge, this app is quite good. It is quite easy to use this app.

Refer Code :-  LH89FU or 767256577085 while creating your UPI

As soon as this app is downloaded and installed on your phone, then open this app. After opening, you will see that the option of Continue is coming in front of you, you have to click on it, after that you will see the option of number, in it you will see your number. Sometimes this number has to be entered and it picks it up automatically. Remember one thing that you have to enter the number only which should be SIM inside your phone because it takes OTP automatically, for this it is mandatory to have SIM inside the phone. After that you have to continue so that OTP will be automatically filled and the account will be logged in.

heading free recharge | free recharge jio |free recharge airtel

As soon as you log in, you will see that such an interface will appear in front of you, after this you will see the option of recharge in the circle on the side, you have to click on it.

heading free recharge | free recharge jio |free recharge airtel

As soon as you click, a popup will appear in front of you, then you are eligible for the offer. If it does not appear, then you are not eligible for this offer. But don’t worry because this offer is currently for everyone.

Then after that you have to cut this popup, later you have to recharge 3 out of 10, you have to recharge in that SIM in which you have to recharge. To recharge for the first time, you will have to deduct money from the bank. With this you will get 100 points whose value is equal to Rs 20 but you cannot redeem it today because the minimum redeemable point is 200 points.Similarly, you can do 3 out of 10 recharges every day by creating an account with one number. You can also apply this trick by creating another account.

After that, you have to do the same every day from the same account, through which you will again get 100 points. To get 100 points again, you will have to do 3 recharges of Rs. 10. As soon as you recharge the next day, you will have 200 points, you will have to convert them.

heading free recharge | free recharge jio |free recharge airtel

To convert, you have to click on the trophy in the top right corner, then you will see your points there, you have to convert there and then click on the cash, which will convert your points into Rs. 40.

heading free recharge | free recharge jio |free recharge airtel

If you recharge with these pesos next time, you will be able to use those pesos. Even if you recharge with these pesos, you will get 100 points, you can convert them again. If you add them all, you will see that there is a profit of 50% on the total amount.
With this, you will get one free recharge on every recharge, this makes your recharge free.

heading free recharge | free recharge jio |free recharge airtel

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