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Raksha Bnadhan best 3 sweets

raksha bandhan


One of the most important festivals of Hindus, raksha bandhan festival is celebrated by siblings. On this auspicious day, a sacred thread called ‘Rakhi’ is tied on the wrist of the brother by the sister. Sister also applies tilak on his forehead, performs aarti. While doing so she wishes him a life of happiness and prosperity. In return, the brother showers his love and blessings on her and promises to faithfully protect her in good times and bad.

Like every year, this year too you must have made some wonderful plans for your siblings. On this day brothers always wait for sweets. So it is really important to buy the best quality sweets for your brother.


Raksha Sutra Anyone can bind anyone, to protect him and also to protect the one who is tying. But due to the present practice, this tradition has now been limited only between brother and sister, it is also good. Brother should promise to protect his sister and sister should also pray for brother’s long life.
In all religious rituals of Hinduism, when tying the Raksha Sutra, the Karmakanda Pandit or Acharya recites a verse in Sanskrit, in which the connection of Raksha Bandhan with King Bali is clearly visible.

Benefits of buying sweets online​

Life has turned out to be way more hectic than before, sisters don’t get time to go to the sweet shop and buy sweets for their brother.

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Here are Best 5 sweets to buy for your brother this Rakshabandhan.

1. Kaju barfee For raksha bandhan

Kaju Barfee is among the most popular desserts of all India. Pluzzy Sweets offers the best quality Kaju Barfee in town. It is made up of Cashew nuts, milk, saffron, and pure ghee. A lip-smacking dessert and a suitable gift for any occasion.

Cashew-rich homemade kaju katli are good for heart health as far as you consume them in a healthy way and avoid overeating. Unsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids in cashews help in lowering triglycerides levels, which help in kseeping your heart healthy.


Kaju Katli ( Kaju Burfi)



2. Mango katli | aam Papad Katli for raksha bandhan

Aam katli is one of the most famous katli from all over india. its taste is unique and wonderful. it is one of the most sold sweets in indian festivals.it is completely pure vegetarian. it uses only mango and sugar as ingredients.

You can order it online through our website at home or gift it to someone.

Organic Aam Papad (Home made)



3. Gond Laddu for raksha bandhan

Thise gond laddoo not only for best for taste, but it is full of medicinal properties and it works like a medicine for many diseases.

Also know about gond nutrition

when some other thing are added to gond filled with calcium, magnesium, protein, fiber, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, anti- carcingoenic and anti-bacterial properties, its medicinal properties increase further.


gond laddu images

Hand Made Gond Laddu



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happy raksha bandhan

raksha bandhan

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