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Vitamin Benefits and Foods

How many types of vitamins are there and what are the foods that supply them?

Vitamins are very important in our body because they protect us from diseases. A total of 13 types of vitamins are essential in our body. Do you know in which they are found?

Pumpkin seeds,vitamin

Vitamins are the basic basis of life of all of us because vitamins are as important in our life as air and water. Just as we cannot live without air and water, similarly our body cannot live without vitamins because vitamins are essential in our body. Keeps our body healthy and prevents major diseases. Vitamins can be obtained from plants or animals.
We have to take vitamins continuously because vitamins are not synthesized in our body, only vitamin D is synthesized. Therefore, these should be included in our daily diet so that our body is supplied with vitamins. It is very easy to take Vitamin D because we get it from sunlight.
There are different types of vitamins because some vitamins are soluble in our body and some vitamins are insoluble. The vitamins which are soluble means that these vitamins are not absorbed in our body, these vitamins come out through our urine. Which are the following vitamins:- B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B-7, B-9 and B-12 and Vitamin C.All other vitamins are soluble and hence get accumulated in our body.

Vitamin Rich Food:

We can take vitamins in our body in different ways, which include vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Some vitamins are available to us like Vitamin D. Let us see which are the sources which provide vitamins to our body.

1. Vitamin A food:

Vitamin A is necessary for a healthy body because the deficiency of Vitamin A weakens the immunity. It is necessary for the mother’s fetus. It is necessary for our skin and bones.

Due to deficiency of Vitamin A, the skin remains dry, night blindness may occur, there may be difficulty in conceiving, throat infection may occur, acne may occur, wounds may get delayed in healing and bones may become weak.

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin A, we consume eggs, fortified cereals, green leafy vegetables, orange and yellow vegetables. This can be easily done by consuming vegetables and fruits which will remove the deficiency of Vitamin A in our body. To replenish Vitamin A in the body, eggs, milk, carrots, yellow or orange vegetables, spinach, sweet potato, papaya, curd, soybean and other leafy green vegetables can be consumed.

2. Vitamin B1 food:

Due to deficiency of Vitamin B1, our nervous system, muscles and heart stop functioning properly. Vitamin B1 is very important for skin and hair in our body and it is also very important for our brain because Vitamin B1 sharpens our brain and increases our thinking ability.

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin B1, vegetables, pulses, almonds, many types of fruits, fish, meat, eggs, milk can be consumed. By including these in your diet, the deficiency of this vitamin can be compensated and many problems can be avoided.

3. Vitamin B2 food:

Like other vitamins, Vitamin B2 is also necessary for our body, otherwise neurological diseases, anemia and diseases related to heart diseases, as well as its deficiency can also cause problems like cracking of the skin and redness of the eyes. Therefore, it is important to fulfill its deficiency in the body.

We can easily overcome its deficiency because we just have to make a little change in our diet and include milk and milk products, eggs, fish, meat, chicken, red chillies, raisins, peas, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, broccoli. Spinach, curd, dry fruits, any of these should be included.

4. Vitamin B3 food:

Deficiency of Vitamin B3 can cause problems like depression, headache, fatigue, weak memory and hallucination.

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin B3, we should consume chicken fish, brown rice, cereals and bread, nuts and seeds, legumes, bananas.

5. Vitamin B5 food:

Deficiency of Vitamin B5 causes stress, hair problems, heart problems, skin problems.

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin B5, we should consume mushroom, egg, sunflower seeds, sweet potato so that the vitamin can be supplied.

6. Vitamin B6 food:

Due to deficiency of Vitamin B6, one may have to face many serious problems like skin rashes, chapped lips, swollen throat, weak immunity, fatigue, pain in hands and legs, seizures.

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin B6, one should consume carrots, milk, banana, spinach, chicken liver etc.

7. Vitamin B7 food:

Vitamin B7 is also called biotin. Its deficiency causes hair fall and skin related diseases. It is considered very important for hair.

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin B7 or Biotin, one should consume banana, apple milk, plain curd, oatmeal, cheese, sweet potato, broccoli, spinach, egg, nuts, meat, tuna fish, roasted sunflower seeds.

8. Vitamin B9 food:

Vitamin B9 is also called folate and folic acid. Folic acid is essential for the development and health of the fetus during pregnancy. With this, the risks during childbirth can be reduced.

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin B7 or Biotin, one should consume eggs, spinach, banana, leafy greens, beans, broccoli, grains, peanuts, sunflower seeds, peas.

13. Vitamin B12 food:

Vitamin B9 is also called folate and cobalamin, its deficiency affects the circulatory system and nervous system. Due to its deficiency there is no activity in the body.

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin B9, one should consume cheese, milk, meat, curd, sea food, fish, cashew, sesame, broccoli.

9. Vitamin C food:

Deficiency of Vitamin C causes swelling of gums, bleeding and weakening of teeth, red rashes on the skin, fatigue, weakness and joint pain, falling ill easily, cold, cough or infection, hair loss and nails. There is a problem like weakening of

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin C, Amla, vegetables, fruits, lemon, pulses etc. should be consumed.

10. Vitamin D food:

Due to lack of Vitamin D, one has to face problems like being restless and short-tempered, increasing infertility, irregular periods, diseases like osteoporosis (hollowing of bones) and osteomalacia (weakening of bones), frequent fractures.

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin D, it is easiest and free because we also get Vitamin D from sunlight, due to which we do not have to spend any kind of money and do not have to do any effort every day to overcome the deficiency of Vitamin D. sat in the sun for only 1 hour

11. Vitamin E food:

Diseases caused by deficiency of Vitamin E: Muscles become weak, there will be problem in walking, hands and feet may become numb, vision related problems may occur, immunity may become weak, skin gets damaged, tingling is felt.

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin E, vegetable oil, dry fruits, seeds and green leafy vegetables can be consumed. Vitamin E can be supplied from foods like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, spinach and broccoli.

12. Vitamin K food:

Due to deficiency of Vitamin k, one has to face diseases like heart disease, bone disease, problem in blood clotting.

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin K, one should consume spinach, cabbage, green collard, broccoli, brussel sprouts and salad.


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